Hair-raising crash into Sale salon

EARLY morning Sale shoppers had a lucky escape when a Holden Captiva mounted the curb and ploughed through the window of a Raymond St hairdressing salon about 8.15am Tuesday.

The 73-year-old driver, who had been attempting to park when it is believed she hit the accelerator instead of the brake, was uninjured, but taken by ambulance to hospital as a precaution.

The vehicle came to rest almost entirely inside the building, and was removed and towed away after police inspected the site.

Luckily nobody was injured in the accident, which happened before the salon opened.

The tow truck driver said it was the third incident he had attended in Sale in recent years involving a vehicle through a shop front.

Two passers-by helped the shaken driver out of the vehicle and seated her on a chair until an ambulance arrived.

Another witness to the accident said the vehicle hit the shop with considerable force.