Learning some life-saving skills

SALE Primary School students picked up some helpful skills this week, as St John Ambulance ran first aid workshops.

Foundation to grade two students learned how to respond to cuts and grazes, how to help their friends following accidents, and when and how to phone for an ambulance.

Practical skills like cleaning wounds and using bandages were also popular.

Older children learned about responding to asthma and anaphylaxis, incidents where response time can be crucial.

Presenter Jade Evans said it was important for children to understand how to act if someone was injured, or if there was an emergency.

“It also sparks interest in a young age in how to help people, and to go and do first aid courses as well,” she said.

“We started trialling this program about two months ago.

“We’re trying new approaches — it’s working really well and schools have found it’s quite popular.”

Teacher Bree Courtney said the workshops complemented unit work on health.

“Also it puts some responsibility back on the kids, to be able to build confidence and resilience when there are accidents or mishaps, in the playground or in the home,” she said.

“It encourages lots of talk at home, and hopefully discussions about what to do in emergency situations and how to make decisions.

“It’s never too young to start exposing them to this sort of thing, even if they only take away a little bit.

“Each year we can build on the skills.”