Marley St works are delayed by about two months

David Braithwaite

CHANGES in requirements to deal with the gas main have caused delays in the reconstruction of part of a Sale street.

The works along Marley St, between Macarthur and Raglan Sts were supposed to begin in June last year and be finished in December, but Wellington Shire Council had to negotiate requirements around the gas main with the company which manages it, APA.

Despite council receiving all prior approvals to proceed with the work, APA changed its requirements before the work began, resulting in a considerable delay to the start of the project, and works being carried out in separate areas where approval to commence was granted.

Time was lost on the project while council negotiated with APA to be able to begin work, and final negotiations are expected to conclude soon.

The issue has hindered progress on the project, with two distinct heights between Stawell and Fitzroy Sts, and kerb only installed between Stawell and Raglan Sts.

Council built and natural environment general manager Chris Hastie told last week’s council meeting that APA’s change of requirements pushed the start of works back at least two months.

“We’re getting back on track at the moment, and have been given approval to start work on the western side of Marley St,” he said.

“As far as works on the ground, we’re in the throes of pavement construction, kerb and channelling.

“All the drainage work is primarily completed at this stage.

“The expected time frame of completion is now June or July, which is about two months behind schedule, but that was really as a result of those changes to gas requirements.”

The project initially cost $885,000, with owners of property in the area paying $265,000 in total through a special charge scheme.

Council was to the pay the rest, with money coming from its allocation of federal government Roads to Recovery funding.

This section of Marley St had unsealed road shoulders with only the through lanes sealed, with a mixture of open channel, concrete and brick lined drains on either side of the roadway and a section of old kerb and channel.

It was hoped the project would end the longrunning issue over the state of the road, and how the upgrade would be paid for.