$1.23m for Ashleigh House

ASHLEIGH House in Sale will receive $1.23 million in federal government funding to improve accommodation options for aged care residents.

Gippsland MHR Darren Chester said the money would be used to build five new rooms and refurbish the dining room, hairdressing salon and remodel some existing rooms to provide courtyard access.

The aged care facility will also receive ongoing federal government funding for an additional five residents.

“Sale Elderly Citizens Village has received ongoing funding for five more residents at Ashleigh House, so it will build five new rooms with the allocated $1.23 million,” Mr Chester explained.

“The funding will also be used to update some of the older rooms to provide direct access to an internal courtyard, refurbish the dining room and extend the hairdressing salon.”

Ashleigh House will provide matching funds from its own sources and, in the past, has shown a preference to use local tradesmen and local providers wherever possible.

Mr Chester said it was vital local families had access to high quality aged care if the time came to move loved ones into residential homes.

As a regular visitor to Ashleigh House, he said he was constantly impressed by the care provided to residents.

Sale Elderly Citizens Village is a not-for-profit organisation run by a volunteer board, and Mr Chester commended the volunteers for their efforts to provide improved facilities for the local community.

“By working together we can deliver a better Gippsland,” he added.