Call to scrap season

Liz Bell

THE discovery of ducks and fish contaminated with toxic chemicals in more Gippsland waterways and one near Geelong has led to a call for the duck season to be scrapped.

Duck shooting protestors claim duck season, which opens on Saturady, presents a serious health risk for shooters, after the Environment Protection Authority extended its consumption advice warning.

Aquatic life contaminated with PFAS (per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances) has recently been found at Dowd Morass in Lake Wellington, Macleod Morass near Bairnsdale, Lower Latrobe River, Lake Kernot in Morwell, and Hospital Swamp near Geelong.

Ducks and eels from Heart Morass have been off the menu since tests in 2017 showed “an elevated risk” to human health from consuming ducks or fish from the wetlands.

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