Students’ skate park project

Liam Durkin

MAFFRA Secondary College senior students have taken it upon themselves to tidy up their town’s skate park.

The Maffra skate park has attracted a degree of local infamy recently, particularly late last year when it was the target of vandals.

VCAL student Harvey Vickers said the cohort was keen to give the skate park a fresh new look.

“After we found out Maffra skate park was one of the worst [in terms of vandalism] in the state, we thought we would help make it better,” Harvey said.

“We will be upgrading some things around the park and just making it look better for people to use.”

The project forms part of the students’ assessment through the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) program, which gives pupils looking to undertake learning in a more hands-on environment the chance to do so.

The students want to install some new indestructible steel seats, and hope to liven up the park by planting flowers and adding a new paint job to the skating bowl.

To help pay for materials, the school will host a fundraiser on June 21, in conjunction with the Rotary Club, selling cakes and raffle tickets.

People interested in finding out more, or who want to donate to the project, can phone Maffra Secondary College VCAL coordinator Katy Johnston on 0421 634 313.