Busy morning for highway patrol

A ROSEDALE woman has been fined and had her licence suspended after being caught drink driving, on a busy morning for State Highway Patrol at Traralgon.

Officers intercepted a vehicle at a random breath test site on Argyle St, Traralgon, on Thursday morning.

The driver, a 61-year-old Rosedale woman, tested positive to a preliminary breath test. She then underwent an evidentiary breath test, returning an alleged reading of 0.075 per cent.

The woman was issued a $484 fine and had her licence suspended for six months.

Soon after, the same officers spotted a motorcycle travelling at an alleged speed of 192 kilometres per hour along the Princes Freeway.

The rider, a 35-year-old Cannons Creek man, was intercepted and had his bike impounded at a cost of $1005. He is expected to lose his licence for 12 months and will be charged on summons with speeding.

Inspector John Cormack said State Highway Patrol officers were out in force focusing on driver behaviour and would continue targeting offences such as speeding, driver distractions and driver/rider impairment.

“There is absolutely no excuse for speeding, driving impaired or engaging in high-risk behaviour that could ultimately put yourself or others in harm’s way – it’s stupid and irresponsible,” he said.

“We strongly ask that motorists to consider their fellow road users, as well as their own families and themselves, before they make a conscious decision to get into their cars or onto their motorbikes and engage in high-risk behaviours.

“We have already lost far too many Victorians to road trauma this year.”