Impact pushes car across road

AN elderly woman emerged shaken but unscathed after a car accident on the Sale-Maffra Rd on Tuesday afternoon.

About 1.10pm, the 87-year-old woman, who was on her way to Bairnsdale, stopped in the left lane to wait until it was clear to turn at the Montgomery Rd intersection.

The car travelling directly behind swerved off the road to get around the turning car, but the driver following it, who was in a large four-wheel-drive utility towing a trailer, did not see the woman’s hatchback until the last moment.

He was unable to stop his vehicle in time, and smashed into the car’s rear.

The impact of the crash sent the waiting car shooting across the incoming lane and into a fenced paddock.

The driver was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

A local resident said there were accidents at the intersection every week, and near-hits every few hours.

He claimed the accident frequency was because of Google Maps, which selected the route around Sale as the quickest from Melbourne to Bairnsdale, and held concerns a car was going to come hurtling through his front fence.

With a lack of a turning lane, the man predicted accidents would continue to happen.