Calls for green waste bins

David Braithwaite

WELLINGTON Shire Council should look at providing ratepayers with green waste bins, according to a councillor.

It came after council decided not to cut down trees along Desailly St, Sale.

On Tuesday night, council was responding to a petition, with 13 signatures, requesting it cut down the oak trees between Macarthur and Raglan Sts.

Residents were concerned with the amount of leaf litter the trees were dropping.

Instead, council will inform residents when a street sweeper will come through the area, allowing them to move the leaves into the gutter to be collected.

While sympathising with the residents’ plight, councillor Darren McCubbin said the trees were a special part of the area’s amenity.

“The trees provide a comfortable shade, a liveability aspect, I believe they add value to the houses in the street by having a leafy thoroughfare,” he said.

“The idea that we would cut them down was inappropriate.”

With residents also asking for free green waste bins or bags, Cr McCubbin said council should consider having bins for organic waste.

“Council should take a real and responsible attitude to the maintenance of these sorts of organic materials,” he said.

With concerns the trees are getting too close to overhead powerlines, council said the situation would be improved through the future bundling of the powerlines.

“We think the aerial bundling provides a solution – you don’t have to cut back the trees as much, and the trees will look much nicer in their existing settings,” Cr McCubbin said.

During the same meeting, council formally received a petition, with 2048 signatures, requesting a bike path between Sale and Maffra.

Proponents say the path, connecting to the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail, would provide a safe area for cyclists off the road and a health activity for locals, and attract cyclists to the region.

Council will respond to the petition within a month.