Boat sinks off Loch Sport

QUICK-acting locals came to the rescue of four people trapped on a sinking vessel in Loch Sport on Friday.

The 33ft Sunrunner began to sink just off Marina Drive, Loch Sport, about 12.30pm, when witnesses spotted the incident from Lakeview Bar and Bistro, and jumped into their own boats.

While the four passengers were rescued, items on board were not so lucky, and could be seen bubbling to the surface.

The cause of the accident was not a seamanship issue, nor driver fault – rather an engine failure.

It is understood one of the boat’s motors turned off, and the boat began to fill with water from the back, going down quickly.

Police and other emergency services attended the scene, but once they saw everyone on board was accounted for, they were able to hand over to Paynesville Coast Guard volunteers, who attended within a few hours.