Old Fulham Post Office building to be sold

THE 140-year-old former Fulham Post Office, which underwent a major restoration last year and was relocated 60 metres from its original position on the Princes Highway, is expected to be sold.

The original Fulham Junction Hotel operated in the 1870s, and the building operated as a post office and residence from the 1930s to the late 1960s.

Following community feedback and support for retaining the historic building, its owner Major Road Projects Victoria last year decided to move it from its location on the corner of the Princes Highway and Sale-Heyfield Rd, to 30 metres west on the same block of land

Now the building, which has undergone a significant restoration project, will soon be handed back to the Department of Transport.

Senior project manager with Gippsland Projects, Major Road Projects Victoria, David Gellion, said the department was “pleased to have preserved this historic building, as well as improve visibility and safety for local drivers turning off the Princes Highway onto the Sale-Heyfield Rd”.

In recent years, the historic building was bought by Major Road Projects Victoria (formerly VicRoads) as part of the Princes Highway East – Traralgon to Sale duplication.

As well as saving the building from demolition and preserving its history, the roads authority moved the building to improve the sight distance for road users turning off the Princes Highway onto the Sale-Heyfield Rd.

A specialist contractor completed work on the weatherboard building to make it weather proof and maintain it in a safe lock-up condition to ensure it maintained its historical significance for the local area.

Major Road Projects Victoria is in the process of handing the building back to the Department of Transport, which will then undertake the process of arranging a Section 173 agreement to be placed on the building and property title.

The Section 173 is a planning restriction which sets out conditions or restrictions on the use or development of the land, and is placed on the property title in agreement with the planning authority (Wellington Shire Council).

The property will then be placed on the market to sell.

Sale historian Peter Synan said he was pleased to see the building’s historic past would be preserved with planning restrictions on its use or development.