Vet staff helping out animals in fire zones

Liz Bell

ANIMAL Clinic Maffra has had an overwhelming response to a social media plea for donations of food for animals in fire-affected areas of east Gippsland.

So much so, that the clinic’s initial idea of loading up a ute and trailer had to be rethought.

Organiser and vet nurse Megan Walker said the clinic staff were astounded by the community’s desire to help.

“Stuff just kept coming, and people kept calling, so my partner, who works for Dyers Distribution, was able to source a large semi-rigid truck and a driver to ship all the donations to Bairnsdale Relief Centre,” she said.

“We’ve been getting bedding and food, and even much-needed medicines from our wholesalers, so we have been able to send it to the vets working up there.”

The truck left for Bairnsdale, with the donated goods and medicines distributed to various organisations and fire victims from around east Gippsland.

Megan said one of the biggest demands in “the black zone” of east Gippsland had been for stock feed, with larger relief organisation such as Need for Feed handling most of those requests.

“We felt we could help people with domestic animals too, so that’s what we tried to focus on,” she said.

Megan and her partner Jake have also personally driven to east Gippsland to deliver donated equestrian supplies, and the clinic is maintaining contact with vets working in fire-affected zones and other relief organisations to monitor the need for medicines and other supplies.

“We are really grateful to everyone who has helped us make this happen,” Megan said.