Garden for Life officially open

THE Garden for Life in the Sale Botanic Gardens was officially opened on Monday.

The Garden for Life showcases the myriad ways plants support life and how humans interact and use them.

Plants don’t only clean the water people drink and the air they breathe, but they are also fundamental for life, providing shelter, food, fabric, medicine and building materials.

Plants also support a range of birds, animals, insects and fungi.

Water plays a major role in the garden design, with a zero depth water play space incorporating water jets where children can play and appreciate the link water has with plants.

Wellington Shire mayor Alan Hall said the Garden for Life was a brilliant addition to the already outstanding Sale Botanic Gardens.

“The Garden for Life is an exciting contemporary addition to the Sale Botanic Gardens which was already acknowledged as the preeminent public gardens in Gippsland,” he said.

“The garden has already been explored and well-used by locals and visitors, with children especially enjoying the water play space on warm days.

“Council appreciates the support of the John Leslie Foundation that has assisted with this project by providing $200,000, and also the Latrobe Valley Authority which has once again supported a Wellington project to the tune of $130,000.

“It is these valuable community collaborations that enable council to provide such wonderful facilities for Wellington residents and visitors.”