Students all fired up

Liam Durkin

GUTHRIDGE Primary School, Sale, was a sea of red Tuesday, in celebration of Red Balloon Day.

Sale Fire Brigade volunteers went to the school to teach students about fire safety.

Students were able to explore a fire truck, see fire fighting equipment up close, and were even given the opportunity to use a fire hose.

Students also participated in practical learning, with a smoke house set up in the school’s stadium to allow them to practice getting out of a burning house safely.

Fittingly, staff and students were decked out in red shirts, hats and socks for the occasion.

Guthridge Primary School principal Emily Streitberg said the school was always happy to take part in the campaign.

“Annually we celebrate and draw attention to Red Balloon Day to focus on the role of the CFA in our community and also for fire safety for all of our students,” she said.

“We use the day as a practice run for our emergency procedures, and the CFA bring along their volunteers.

“We’re all aiming to be our best in what could be an emergency and know what to do.

“All our students get a chance to check out the fire trucks and safety equipment, but most importantly they are learning what to do in the event of a fire.

“Our senior students are also learning about the safety aspect of fire prevention with bushfires and what to do if they are caught up in a bushfire in light of what’s happened recently.”

Ms Streitbergand paid tribute to the work of Sale Fire Brigade.

“They are amazing, they have supported us every single year and we hope they feel the same in our support back to them,” she said.

Sale Fire Brigade volunteer Doug Brack said it was imperative to teach fire safety to the younger generation.

“Teaching fire safety to kids has been going for quite a few years now at Guthridge and it’s really well accepted by the teachers and the children – some of these children we’ve now seen for four or five years right from prep all the way up,” he said.

“The most important message is ‘what to do in smoke?’.

“If something goes wrong in the house, how to get down, how to crawl and not be afraid of the smoke and get out of the house.

“If we can get that out to the children, then that’s really good and worth all the effort we put into it.”

Guthridge Primary School used the day to raise money for the CFA, and also held an evacuation drill at its conclusion.