Municipal pandemic plan activated

How we’re preparing for coronavirus

THE Wellington Municipal Pandemic Influenza Plan was activated on Monday.

The plan details local arrangements should an influenza pandemic occur, and was activated by the municipal emergency response coordinator (in this case Victoria Police).

The shire is in the response (action) phase of the plan, triggered when cases are detected in Australia.

The key actions under the response phase during initial stages include preparing and supporting health system needs, managing initial cases, identifying and characterising the nature of the disease within the Australian context, providing information to support best practice health care and to empower the community and responders to manage their own risk of exposure, as well as supporting effective governance.

Once enough is known about COVID-19 to tailor measures to specific needs, key actions include supporting and maintaining quality care, ensuring a proportionate response, communicating to engage, empower and build confidence in the community and providing a coordinated and consistent approach.

The Wellington Health and Medical Emergency Planning Subcommittee met on Wednesday to discuss responsibilities and strategies respective organisations have.

Stakeholders included Wellington Shire Council, Central Gippsland Health, Yarram District Health Service, Ramahyuck Primary Health Care Services, Victoria Police, Ambulance Victoria, Uniting, Gippsland Primary Health Network and the Red Cross.

Usually, the sub-committee meets twice a year, but will now meet more frequently to complete planning specific to the threat of coronavirus.

Specific COVID-19 measures will be added to the plan, which was developed before COVID-19 existed.