Times advertising manager president of business and tourism association

Liam Durkin

THE Gippsland Times‘ own Julian McIvor is the new president of the Sale Business and Tourism Association.

Mr McIvor, who is advertising manager with the Times, accepted the role at the association’s annual meeting, held via Zoom, Thursday morning.

In taking on the top job, he said he and his Sale Business and Tourism Association team were under no illusions as to the challenges ahead, with many Sale businesses struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As a community we have a job and a responsibility to make sure we come out of this in a positive way,” he said.

“I really believe in our community.

“I think we’ve proven as a business community we’re very resilient – we’ve come through fire, flood, drought and now COVID.

“We’ve got a great business community, and I really believe we can rebuild a positive community and a positive economy in the times ahead, but we really do have to stick together and look after each other and be really aware where people are at.”

With a great deal of uncertainty still lingering, Mr McIvor said now more than ever was the time to shop locally.

“I’m a firm believer in supporting local as much as you can, particularly in this time when everyone can play their part,” he said.

“Sale is a great town; it’s very strong.

“We’ve got some good industry – we’re going through a rough time like everyone, but I think we’ll come out of this bigger and better.”

As well as shopping at local businesses, those looking to contribute to Sale’s economy are being encouraged to sign up as SBTA members.

The association runs events and advocates for improvements around town.

Recently it played an integral part in having security cameras installed in Raymond St.

Mr McIvor praised the work of his predecessor, Leanne Pearce, and looked forward to passionately serving the Sale community.

“Leanne has done an awesome job at not only getting things done but also unifying a board, which is not always easy,” he said.

“In the months ahead it is going to be really interesting to see what the board comes up with on how to tackle the current climate.”

Other newly-elected SBTA board members are vice-president Janine Pilgrim, secretary Tim Munckton, treasurer Brad Seeber, assistant treasurer Jake Weir, Jeanette Henwood, Justine Andrew, Kylie Jacobs, Angela Lowe and Maxine Bentley.

For more information about joining the association visit www.salebta.com.au or phone 1300 795 663.