Hazelwood Boiler House 3 set to be demolished this week

Staff writers

A controlled explosive collapse to demolish Boiler House 3 at the former Hazelwood Power Station is scheduled for either Wednesday or Thursday.

Weather conditions permitting, demolition contractor Delta Group is aiming to undertake the work between 2pm and 4pm on Wednesday, subject to favourable wind and cloud cover conditions which will help mitigate dust and noise.

If conditions are not suitable, the work will be delayed with Thursday, April 29, the next option.

Demolition of Boiler House 3 follows demolition of Boiler House 4 in late 2020.

The remaining two boiler houses, 2 and 1, are scheduled for demolition later in 2021.

Further community information will be disseminated prior to this week’s event through letterbox drops to near neighbours and some areas of Morwell.

A ‘notice of demolition’ will be circulated through social media and notices on community notice boards. A community information warning on the VicEmergency App is planned just prior to the event.

As a key safety measure on the day, a 700 metre exclusion zone will be set up, including the closure of Brodribb Road between Nadenbouschs Road and Cemetery Avenue.

Traffic on the Princes Freeway will be slowed to 60 kilometres per hour and on the Strzelecki Highway to 80 kilometres per hour, with traffic controls in place to stop vehicles from parking on the roadside while the primary demolition works are underway.

While controls have been implemented to reduce external noise emissions as much as possible, local residents are likely to hear a loud noise at the time of the demolition for a few seconds.

This is unavoidable, given the size of the structure, and the nature and placement of the explosive charges necessary to safely affect a controlled collapse.

Works to remove hazardous material have also been completed. Following an extensive controlled asbestos removal program, the works are not expected to give rise to any airborne asbestos outside the immediate works zone.

Asbestos air monitors will be set up at the site boundary locations and surrounding the fell zone. All asbestos-contaminated materials will be transported on internal roads to the EPA-licensed, onsite asbestos cell for safe disposal after the boiler houses are demolished.

These works, as with all demolition works, will be undertaken by demolition contractor Delta Group in accordance with relevant approvals, and under the oversight of WorkSafe Victoria and the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA).

Further information about the demolition process is available at www.hazelwoodrehabilitation.com.au as well as via an email database. To join the email database, email hazelwood.au@engie.com