TAFE aviation maintenance students to transfer to Aviation Australia

TAFE Gippsland and Aviation Australia are joining forces to transition aeroskills training in the Gippsland region.

TAFE Gippsland’s chief executive, Grant Radford, said the partnership with Aviation Australia would result in an organisation with a proven training record in Gippsland offering enhanced training opportunities, including Diploma qualifications.

“This partnership will be a positive one for the region and will ensure a small number of current students will transition to a new training provider that is better resourced to continue their vocational training,” he said.

Mr Radford said a review at TAFE Gippsland identified an opportunity for transitioning qualifications relevant to the aeroskills industry to a specialist training provider.

“Aviation Australia is a proven specialist provider and they are well placed to grow the provision of aeroskills training to students throughout Gippsland, and they will ensure a high level of vocational training.”

Aviation Australia chief executive Bill Horrocks assured Aviation Australia and TAFE Gippsland would ensure a smooth transition for the students.

“Our team is looking forward to continuing the students’ vocational training and working with their employers to achieve a successful outcome for all,” Mr Horrocks said.

“Aviation Australia was established to support the aviation industry and has achieved a remarkable record over the past 20 years in training aircraft maintenance engineers.”

TAFE Gippsland is supporting and working cooperatively with Aviation Australia to facilitate the transition, enabling current TAFE Gippsland students to continue their vocational training in the aviation maintenance industry.