Beloved pet mauled to death in Wurruk

Daisy's owner discovered her beloved pet killed by another dog last week, after she was let out for a toilet break in her Wurruk front yard.

Liz Bell

THE devastated owner of a dog which was mauled to death by another dog on Thursday evening in Wurruk is appealing for public assistance to help track down the offending animal.
Anyone with information about the vicious attack that killed much-loved, Jack Russell-shih tzu cross Daisy is urged to come forward to help prevent further tragedies.
On Thursday evening about 5.45pm, Daisy’s owner Pia Cornwall let her beloved pet into the front yard for a toilet break, but the dog failed to return.
After a frantic 45-minute search of the neighbouring streets the dog was found deceased a short distance away near Blanks Court, with large puncture wounds on her throat — suggesting she had been attacked by a much bigger dog.
Ms Cornwall said that while driving around and heading home she saw something white on the footpath that she thought was just a plastic bag, before realising it was her beloved dog.
“It was awful, she was just limp like a ragdoll and I still can’t believe it, I’m numb,” she said.
The following day, a neighbour took Ms Cornwall to search the area for evidence of what had happened, finding clumps of her hair in several places between her home and where she was found.
Vet examinations show the tiny dog suffered severe crushing injuries and deep lacerations consistent with being shaken in the jaws of a large dog or dogs.
Ms Cornwall had owned Daisy for 13 years, and said her pet was a cherished family member who spent most of her time inside with her.
On the afternoon she was killed, Daisy was outside in her front yard in the Wirramirra Drive-Gould St area for less than five minutes when she disappeared.
A neighbour helping Ms Cornwall search for answers said the community was concerned about the number of roaming dogs around Wurruk.
“There have been lots of dogs on the loose around here lately, and I heard there was another dog attacked on the same morning Daisy was killed,” she said.
“My worry now is the dog or dogs that killed Daisy could turn their aggression to a small child.”
Anyone with information about Thursday’s attack should phone Wellington Shire Council, which has been notified and is investigating the incident.
Animal management issues, including roaming or aggressive dogs, are an ongoing problem for the Wellington Shire Council, with local laws officers officers responding to hundreds of complaints every year.
Between 2019 to 2020, there were 1253 domestic animal management requests, ranging from lost, wandering or nuisance pets to barking dogs, animal welfare concerns, dog attacks, reports of dangerous or menacing dogs and reports of illegal pet breeding activities.
In the same period, the council undertook nine animal management prosecutions for matters related to serious dog attacks.
Council manages “menacing dogs” in accordance with the Domestic Animals Act (1994). Any dog that causes a non-serious bite injury to a person or animal or rushes at, or chases a person may be declared a menacing dog.
Unless there are extenuating circumstances, a “menacing dog” will be seized and the owner taken to court.
It is estimated that there are 12,098 dogs in the shire.