New kerbside bin for organics – no plans for glass recycling bin

A green-lidded bin for garden and food organics will join the standard red (landfill) and yellow (recycling) bins across Wellington Shire next year. File photo.

Wellington Shire Council has clarified while its new food and garden organics kerbside bins should be rolled out from October next year, the council is not yet planning to implement a kerbside bin to separate glass for recycling.

While the state government has announced a state-wide four bin recycling service rollout before 2030 — separating organic matter, glass, mixed recycling and landfill into four different bins — Wellington Shire residents may only be rolling out three bins to their kerbsides.

The council’s natural environment and parks manager, Tim Rowe, told the Gippsland Times while the state government required all councils to implement a glass separation service by 2027, this did not have to be a kerbside collection service via a fourth bin.

“The government is set to introduce a container deposit scheme in 2023, so council will wait to understand the impact this has on glass volumes before committing to a specific glass separation system,” Mr Rowe said.

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