Rising sea level models

Golden Beach and Paradise Beach could be among local coastal areas affected by inundation in coming decades, according to new modelling.

New modelling shows that local towns including Golden Beach, Paradise Beach, Seaspray, McLoughlins Beach, Port Albert — and even some lower-lying areas around Sale — could face threats of rising sea levels in the future, with severe inundation in some areas.

A website has been created by Coastal Risk Australia to demonstrate the dangers of rising sea levels on communities to the year 2100.

An interactive map is based on a report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which demonstrates through modelling that sea levels could rise by 0.84 metres.

The website allows users to view worst case scenario situations where levels rise by five metres, which would be caused by high emissions (the report labels this unlikely), and then a more likely scenario of 0.84m, by 2100.

Full story in today’s Gippsland Times (September 24 issue).