Three children rescued at Glenmaggie

Photo: Visit Victoria

Three children were rescued from a Glenmaggie riverbank by Police Airwing overnight, after their inflatable donut was swept away in the Macalister River.

Police understand the children, from the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne, were staying with family at a Gells Rd campground when they launched an inflatable donut into the river about 7pm.

The inflatable got caught in the flow of the river and was taken downstream, and eventually caught on a rock.

The trio, aged 15, 13 and 10-years-old, were all able to climb onto the opposite riverbank.

They walked upstream until they could see their campsite across the water but due to difficult terrain couldn’t leave the area.

Police also couldn’t make their way to the children on foot and family members were unable to reach them due to swift flowing water and slippery rocks.

Local police and Maffra, Stratford and Sale SES units attended, along with the Water Police and Airwing to coordinate the rescue.

All three children were safely rescued by the airwing and reunited with their families, and no-one was injured.