Blue-green algae warning for Lake Guyatt

Wellington Shire Council is warning residents to avoid contact with the water at Lake Guyatt. Photo Josh Farrell

Wellington Shire Council is urging the public to avoid coming into contact with the water in Lake Guyatt in Sale, due to a blue-green algae bloom.

People and their pets should avoid contact with the water. If contact is made with the water, people should wash themselves or their pets thoroughly with fresh water.

Testing of the water in Lake Guyatt has today confirmed the presence of blue-green algae and Council has installed warning signs advising people of the risks associated with the algal bloom.

The signs will remain in place until further tests determine that algal numbers are once again safe in the lake.

Blue-green algae occur naturally and can reproduce in favourable conditions where there is still, slow-flowing or low water levels, abundant sunlight and sufficient levels of nutrients.

Some species of blue-green algae produce harmful toxins which can cause illness.

Council will continue to monitor the health of Lake Guyatt and conduct regular water tests.

For more information or advice contact Council’s Environmental Health team on 1300 366 244.

Anyone experiencing ill health effects following contact with the water in Lake Guyatt should seek advice from a health professional.