Sandeep’s dream day

Nambrok's Sandeep Hettiarachchige took 6/21 from his eight overs on Saturday which included a double hat-trick.Photo: Nambrok Cricket Club

Josh Farrell

Ask most bowlers across the planet what their favourite cricket memory is and there is a good chance they will reply a hat-trick or what they dream of and it will also be a hat-trick.

For Sandeep Hettiarachchige, he went even better.

A double hat-trick is when a bowler takes four wickets in four balls, an impressive feat that can completely alter the course of a game and this is exactly what Hettiarachchige achieved playing for Nambrok.

In international cricket, a double hat-trick has only occurred four times in the whole history of the game, showing how impressive a feat this was.

The day started with Nambrok batting first and Hettiarachchige came in at number three, but was only able to amass six – an omen for what was to come later.

An impressive innings saw the Hawks make their way to 194 from its 45 overs thanks to half-centuries from Phillip Shields and Paul Brown.

Stratford got off to a great start, putting on 70 for the first wicket.

The Redbacks looked like they may have been able to overhaul the Hawks score, but a couple of wickets, including two from Hettiarachchige had Stratford at 5/148.

Hettiarachchige was brought into the attack to try and break through and bring Nambrok into the match.

“Last year I was playing thirds as a top order batsmen, I went down to the fourths and I got an opportunity to bowl some spin,” he said.

Hettiarachchige had started bowling off-spin in the fourths and had a good start to the season taking wickets in each of the games he bowled in.

“I am just an ordinary bowler, I was very well supported by my teammates on the weekend,” he said.

“The first two wickets, they were two settled batsmen, they were starting to get away from us so they were important.”

The first two wickets were from big shots which surprised Hettiarachchige, but was more than happy to accept the scalps.

The next two wickets, Hettiarachchige broke through and bowled the batters.

“I just bowled to minimise singles and I was just tying to stop the runs and I got lucky and took some wickets,” he said.

Hettiarachchige’s double hat-trick was vital for the team and helped bowl out Stratford for a score of 154 ensuring Nambrok walked away with victory.

He has a great affinity for the club and its players.

“After I got my job at Esso I went to Nambrok and they are a great club,” he said.

“They welcomed me in and I enjoy the club and they are so great to me.”

The double hat-trick has brought Hettiarachchige’s bowling average down to seven for the season and has helped Nambrok to second place on the ladder.