Family violence operation leads to arrests

Police arrested and charged 12 people as part of an operation targeting high-risk family violence perpetrators in the Sale area over the summer months.

Detectives from Wellington Family Violence Investigation Unit proactively engaged with 116 known family violence perpetrators who are subject to a Family Violence Intervention Order, and at-risk family members to prevent escalating abuse during the summer period.

Police detected 35 breaches of Family Violence Intervention Orders between December 1, 2021 and January 31, 2022.

A breach can include committing family violence, contacting the protected person or attending a prohibited address.

Of the 35 breaches detected, 12 people were arrested and charged with breaching a Family Violence Intervention Order.

Four people have been remanded to face court at a later date.

During the operation, police served nine new Family Violence Intervention Orders and referred 34 at-risk family members to local family violence support services.

The operation forms part of Victoria Police’s ongoing commitment in responding to family violence and managing high-risk family violence perpetrators.

Detective Sergeant Mark Jolley of the Wellington Family Violence Investigation Unit said “the summer months should be a time for relaxing and spending time with family and friends in a safe environment, but for many families it is sadly the opposite”.

“For the past several years we have seen a spike in family violence offending over the summer period, and we want victims to know that we will not sit idle,” Sgt Jolley said.

“While most people take a breather over summer, police will continue to ramp up efforts to prevent family violence, protect victims and hold their perpetrators to account.

“We will continue to engage with local family violence support services such Orange Door, to ensure victims in our community always have a safe place to go.”

Wellington Family Violence Investigation Unit manages approximately 60 high-risk family violence matters at any given time.

Police have consistently seen a spike in family violence incidents during the summer months, with clear increases on Christmas and New Year’s Day for the past several years.

Support is available through local services such as Orange Door in Bairnsdale by calling 1800 512 358.

Victims can also seek help via safe steps, Victoria’s 24/7 family violence support service, by calling 1800 015 188.