SEASPRAY will receive a new pump track, after Wellington Shire councillors unanimously approved its construction at last Tuesday’s council meeting.

The asphalt pump track will provide recreational opportunities for a wide range of ages and abilities, and is suitable for a range of wheeled sports (BMX, scooter, mountain bike, skateboard and roller skates) away from traffic.

Funding from the federal government has seen Heyfield, Yarram (pictured at top of this article) and Maffra benefit from pump tracks constructed within already active precincts.

The Seaspray Pump Track was given the green light following extensive community engagement.

An approach by the Seaspray Reserves Committee of Management in July 2021 for council to support a pump track for Seaspray saw engagement then undertaken to determine the level of support for the project from within the community.

Letters were sent to property owners within Seaspray and The Honeysuckles, with links to the survey on council’s ‘Your Wellington, Your Say’ project page. During the consultation period, 368 survey responses were received.

Data from the survey highlighted that:

  • 40 per cent of ratepayers from Seaspray responded to the survey;
  • 11 per cent of ratepayers from The Honeysuckles responded to the survey;
  • 66 per cent of ratepayers from Seaspray supported the project, and;
  • 83 per cent of ratepayers from The Honeysuckles supported the project.

Further to this, council received a petition prior to the end of the consultation period, with 73 signatures in support of the pump track being constructed on Foreshore Reserve. This petition was received by council at its meeting on June 7, 2022 and referred for consideration as part of the overall engagement process.

At that same meeting, council also heard objections to the project from the public gallery, whose concerns were also considered as part of the engagement process.

The $150,000 project received funding through the federal government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program and a $50,000 contribution from the Seaspray Reserves Committee of Management.

The construction of a pump track in Seaspray will require additional ongoing funding to manage and maintain. This funding will include an ongoing licence fee for the site of the pump track payable to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning appointed Foreshore Committee (DELWP).The standard annual base fee is $421.

The council meeting on June 7 was attended by two individuals who frequented Seaspray, both of whom expressed concerns about the pump track.

One individual raised concern about “censorship” by a Facebook page regarding the project, understood to be Celebrate Seaspray, which is not run by council. The Seaspray Ratepayers’ Association was also mentioned, which is also not run by council.

Another individual said they would like to have seen a 3D model of the pump track prior to voting, and would like to see a more natural installation in place of a pump track. Consultations for the design of the pump track is expected to occur now that the project has been approved.

Council ran the survey through the ‘Your Wellington, Your Say’ website, which was open for Seaspray and Honeysuckles ratepayers only. Votes from those who were not ratepayers in those two areas were not counted.

Seaspray Caravan Park manager Kim Courtney supported the construction of the pump track, saying it would be great for kids on holiday.

“It’s just a brilliant thing for our kids and the older teens. So everyone can have a go, and the foreshore is for the people,” Ms Courtney said.

“Those teens that are a bit older, they can expand their skill set.”
“It’s very exciting. Just another extension of what we offer in this little town. It’s going to be great for the Seaspray Mini Mart.

The agenda and minutes of the June 7 and July 5 meetings can be found on the Wellington Shire Council website, and the live streams of both meetings on their YouTube channel.

Quarterly Building Report

COUNCILLORS recorded 299 building permits between January 1 and March 31, 2022, valued at $33 million.

The building permits are issued by council to private building surveyors and include dwellings, fences, extensions, commercial and industrial buildings.

The full list of locations is available on the council website.

Tender for agency staff

COUNCILLORS accepted the recommendations of a report that considers entering into an agency contract with a panel of providers, for temporary agency staff to fill vacancies, where required, across the organisation.

This recommendation has been adopted following the expiry of the current agreement and is intended to continue business as usual when hard to fill positions are left vacant.

A tender for this work has been awarded, and will be shared between a number of Gippsland businesses.

The next council meeting will be held in-person at the Port of Sale (Wellington Centre) on Tuesday, July 19 at 6pm.


[Article updated to include comments by Seaspray Caravan Park manager Kim Courtney.]