DURING this year’s National Farm Safety Week, it is important that locals remember little Olivia Grace Stevens and the legacy she left behind.

“Bye mum, I’ll be fine,” were the last words Olivia said to her mother Yana as she dropped her off at a playdate on September 11, 2021.

Olivia and six other children, all under 10, were passengers on an ATV buggy when it rolled over at a farm in Rosedale. Olivia was airlifted to hospital, but she died from her injuries. The other kids survived.

Damien Gibson has been charged with culpable driving, dangerous driving causing death, reckless conduct endangering life and recklessly causing injury over the incident. Gibson’s daughter was Olivia’s best friend.

The six-year-old from Heyfield was loved by all, and her death shocked the community, especially Olivia’s friends and classmates, who now know that life can be so fragile.

Olivia’s two brothers, Kobi, 9, and Thomas, 2, miss her very much and remember her every day, as do the locals and relatives across the world.

Olivia touched the souls of many in her short life as she could relate to anyone. She was a true empath and a very special girl with love for everyone around her. She used to radiate happiness and light.

The Stevens family, Scott, Thomas, Olivia, Kobi and Yana.Photos: Contributed

Yana and the Stevens family would like to remind the community that farming equipment wasn’t designed for joy rides. All safety measures should be taken as seriously as seatbelts and helmets, and the correct amount of passengers on the machinery no matter how small or young they are.

“Olivia’s death was preventable if all precautions had been taken,” Yana said.

“Please take the matter seriously with your children, or other children who are in your care.

“Life is too precious and can’t be replaced. It’s a nightmare for parents, siblings and relatives who live with this unimaginable pain and grief. It causes severe depression.

“Unfortunately, our family knows it too well and we face that pain every day and night.”

While Yana and her husband Scott aren’t farmers themselves, for them it’s really important to spread the message to protect children on farms.

“Farmers tell me that Olivia’s legacy is their greater focus on safety,” Yana said.

“They say they don’t allow children to go on ATV buggy vehicles anymore. They are for work, not for fun.”

A mural of Olivia in Heyfield by Loch Sport artist and designer Simon White.