Maffra Intersection Petition Received

FOLLOWING a meeting between Wellington Shire Council officers and those in the Maffra community, a petition containing 133 signatures was presented to council requesting improvement of traffic and pedestrian safety at the intersection of McLean and Boisdale Streets.

The petitioners have expressed concerns about incidents that have occurred at the intersection over the past decade.

The petition recommends the installation of more relevant signage, rumble strips or other safety measures that would bring more awareness and slow the traffic down in the area.

They have also noted that traffic flow has increased dramatically over the years, with new estates opening, school buses and local residents going about their day, a busy restaurant at the intersection and also being the main road used to attend the Maffra Cemetery.

The petition was received at the council meeting on Tuesday, July 19.

Resident Wilhelmina Coleman addressed the meeting to express her support for the petition, noting that she has lived very close to the intersection for 10 years, and had witnessed four accidents on that corner.

“The last one was Mother’s Day of this year, and two cars were completely written off. One was a Mercedes with an airbag that saved the lady’s life,” Ms Coleman said.

Ms Coleman’s petition uses a number of words to describe the intersection.

“Almost all of the people I approached commented at how they knew of someone or they themselves had witnessed how dangerous that particular intersection was. Using words like ‘speedway, dangerous, tricky, frightening and poor visibility’ to describe how they felt about it,” Ms Coleman said in the petition.

Yarram Traffic Management Plan on Nightingdale Street Petition Received

COUNCIL received a petition with 13 signatures from the residents of Nightingale Street, Yarram, requesting that a traffic management plan be implemented for the street to allow visitors to access the mural being painted on the Yarram Water Tower, while still allowing for safe access and egress for the local residents, their children and visitors.

Also of concern is that Nightingale St is a single-lane unmade road and a number of the children who live in the area use the street to access school by bicycle or on foot.

Details of the petition note that South Gippsland Water has approved the addition of the mural to the water tower, with plans to promote it as a local attraction across Gippsland and surrounds.

Residents believe the increase in traffic will create congestion as there is no off-street parking along the length of Nightingale St for vehicles, which is the greatest concern, additionally, there is currently no space for buses or caravans to park or turn around.

Yarram resident Chris Barclay addressed council to outline the concerns from the perspective of the residents.

Mustons Lane Heyfield Special Charge Scheme Approved

COUNCIL carried the motion to proceed with the proposed construction and sealing of Mustons Lane in Heyfield.

Based on survey results, the level of support for the scheme exceeds the 60 per cent minimum level required under the ‘Residential Road and Street Construction Plan’, and therefore, it is considered that there is sufficient level of initial support for the proposal.

Mustons Lane is located within a rural-residential area of Heyfield and currently consists of a formed (but unsealed) gravel pavement of approximately 5-6m width and 4.8 km in length with irregular surface drains.

The road is primarily a rural-type road, with an unsealed section extending for 1530 metres length of the road, commencing from Licola Road and westwards along Mustons Lane.

The road is maintained by Council.

A formal investigation of the proposed Special Charge Scheme was commenced following ongoing property owner concerns and complaints in relation to council’s maintenance grading regime, which applied to the roads.

The initial work undertaken by council in response to these concerns included the preparation of concept designs and an estimate of costs.

Property owners were advised that, if implemented, the Scheme would provide for the construction and sealing of the road to a 6.2 metre width, with kerbing at intersections, and improved road surface drainage and driveway crossovers.