IT’S raining cats and dogs in Wellington. Animal Aid Sale is once again calling for more animal lovers to give cute and cuddly cats and dogs at their shelter a new home as kitten season ends, and dog adoptions have slowed. They are also looking for volunteers to assist in the shelter and donations of food and toys.

Animal Aid manager Debby Goddard said a combination of COVID restrictions ending, cost of living pressures and a desire to go on holiday meant that dog adoptions were happening at a slower pace than usual.

“We have about 25 dogs here (in Sale), when we usually only have about 10,” Ms Goddard said.

Animal Aid attendant Megan said they wanted to ensure the dogs were adopted with a suitable owner, based on lifestyle and/or personality. Expression of interest forms must be filled first.

“Certain dogs can’t live with cats, and we have a bouncy 35kg dog that we don’t want to be homed with small children,” Megan said.

“Some people come in wanting an active dog they can run with, so a greyhound wouldn’t be suitable as it’ll be knackered after five minutes.”

Ms Goodard said Animal Aid were looking for volunteers to assist on weekdays and weekends in a variety of roles during the hours of 9am to 4.30pm (3pm on weekends).

“If they can only do a couple of hours, that’s fine too,” Ms Goddard said.

“Volunteers can get involved in cleaning and feeding cats and dogs. There’s also lots of washing to do with the trays and bowls.

“They take the dogs for a walk and play with them; they can socialise with the cats, and the kittens need a lot of cuddles.

Megan from Animal Aid with Elliot the cat.

“We’re also looking for people to help with administrative things. Also, off-site functions and information days like the cat day coming up at Bunnings in Sale. We have so many roles. When COVID hit, many volunteers left and didn’t return.”

Donations of toys and coats for dogs, plus tins of Whiskers meatloaf for cats would mean a lot for the animals sheltered at Animal Aid.

If you’re unable to adopt, Animal Aid is also looking for temporary foster carers for both cats and dogs.

“It’s nearing the end of kitten season, but we still have a lot of kittens that could go out in private homes. You usually have them for a few days or a few weeks, sometimes longer,” Ms Goodard said.

With Wellington Shire Council officially enforcing the 24-hour cat curfew from July 1, Animal Aid is also partnering with Bunnings Warehouse in Sale this Sunday for a Care for your Cat Day, to help cat owners prepare for the change and keep them entertained indoors. This includes potting your own cat-friendly plants and making your own cat toys. There will also be a raffle and giveaways.

“This day will have plenty of information to help you keep your cat contained on your property.” Ms Goodard said.

To adopt a cat or a dog, visit Animal Aid from 11am-3pm on weekdays, and 11am-2pm on weekends. Care for your Cat Day at Bunnings Warehouse in Sale is this Sunday, April 30 from 10am to 1pm.