Police continue engagement in schools

VICTORIA Police is continuing to work with schools to deliver important safety messages, with more than 1500 school visits recorded across the state since Term 1, 2022.

Specialist and frontline police officers have been supporting schools to educate primary and secondary students on a range of safety issues, including cyber safety, road safety and how to seek help if they are feeling unsafe, as part of the new Schools Engagement Model.

The new model, which was launched in 2021, forms part of Victoria Police’s broader focus on community engagement to build strong connections with young people and their families that help to keep the community safe.

Police have since engaged with more than 700 schools in various areas, equating to around 28 engagements per week. Police are equipped with guidance on how to effectively engage with schools to ensure interactions between police and students reflect good practice and address their specific issues.

During the visits, police draw on advice on how to interact with children and young people in the school setting, and resources on topics such as cyber bullying, road safety, drugs and alcohol use.

“Our ongoing engagement with schools right across the state highlights our commitment to strengthening relationships with young people and their families,” Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said.

“We don’t want our first contact with young people to be when they’re in trouble – which is why we’re continuing to deliver important safety messages to have a positive impact.

“This model ensures schools can get the best out of their police both now and into the future and assist young people in staying safe.”

More information about the schools engagement model can be found at police.vic.gov.au/youth