National Boys Choir of Australia to perform in Yarram

Performing Choir - In front, from left to right: Jezra, Trin, Alexander, Carter and Jayden. Photos: Contributed

Coming to Yarram soon – prepare yourself for a cultural experience to remember!

The National Boys Choir of Australia (NBCA), a treble choir composed of 34 of the finest young voices in the country, will perform in Yarram a week before touring regional centres in North Queensland.

Under the guidance of NBCA Artistic Director, Mr Andrew Bainbridge, the Choir will perform at the Regent Theatre in Yarram at 3pm on September 10.

“These boys, singing together, sound angelic. Their voices blend like liquid gold. They are superb,” said Mr Bainbridge, heaping praise on the choristers.

Much of the credit, however, must go to Mr Bainbridge and his staff who have auditioned, trained and rehearsed these boys for at least two years before they graduated to the Performing Choir.

“At this concert, the Choir will be singing some uniquely Australian music. Two of my favourites are Two Chronometers and Waltzing Matilda,” Mr Bainbridge said.

“Two Chronometers, composed by Queenslander Colin Brumby, who sadly, died a few years ago, tells the story of how Captain Cook told the time on his journey of discovery to Australia.

“The second is a technically-difficult arrangement by Australian composer, Ruth McCall.”

The boys sing in Indigenous language and employ unusual vocal techniques.

Mr Bainbridge said the National Boys Choir of Australia tour every year, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

“The boys are really looking forward to this performance – as am I,” he said.

“Once their voices change, the boys can sing if they wish, with The Young Men’s Choir. The NBCA took up so much of their time for so long, learning songs, attending rehearsals and performances, that they missed it when their voices changed.

“The weekly rehearsals have paid off for them too because they’ll also be performing in Yarram and in 2024 will tour Japan.

“As they grow older, if they have the time, they can join the Old Boys Choir. So, singing can be part of their lives forever!

“When you hear the boys and men of all ages singing together, especially with an orchestra, it’s absolutely mesmerising.”

These boys are the stars of tomorrow.

“Quite often boys from the choir will audition successfully and star in major musicals,” Mr Bainbridge said with a touch of pride in his voice.

“If you live near Yarram, I urge you to attend this performance.”

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Young Men’s Choir. In front, from left: Oliver, David, Nathan, Ethan, Riki