Maffra’s Brian Pitt a National Road Transport Hall of Famer

Local trucking legend Brian Pitt was recently inducted into the National Road Transport Hall of Fame. Photo: Contributed

AUSTRALIA would grind to halt without road transport drivers such as Maffra’s Brian George Pitt, known as ‘Pitty’.

During the Festival of Transport 2023, a plaque was hung at the National Road Transport Hall of Fame to honour Mr Pitt’s service and commitment.

Despite health issues, Mr Pitt and his wife Christine travelled to Alice Springs to accept the award, one of more than 60 dedicated to drivers Australia-wide.

Mr Pitt’s ambition was always to drive trucks.

From age seven, he helped his dad with a briquette run in an early International.

Born in 1954 in Maffra, the eldest son of Murray and Doss, Mr Pitt started work as an apprentice fitter and turner with S. Lacey & Sons. Six years later, he got his Articulated Licence through Dyers Transport, Sale, and climbed into an Atkinson semi-trailer. His trucking future had begun.

During his time at Dyers, Mr Pitt worked on cranes at Esso in Longford, but the boredom of shutdowns got to him and he moved to Willaton out of Morwell hauling potatoes interstate to Sydney via Canberra.

With a flair for planning and organising, Mr Pitt became the yardsman and scheduler for a while but he missed the road and the wheel. He approached Bedggood’s Transport and not long after, Mr Pitt was heading interstate in an Acco 3070 Eagle.

Mr Pitt’s favourite rig was the Kenworth SAR with its narrow cab, clear view, and sleeping quarters.

After 27 years straight, Mr Pitt swapped a truck for a tractor and did some agricultural contracting and farm work before heading off around Australia with Christine on a working holiday. Health issues saw him return to Maffra and when these improved, Mr Pitt re-joined Bedggood’s.

Trucking can be a lonely job and sometimes scary. Mr Pitt remembers driving up the Cann Valley, solo, after bushfires and at night, thinking that just one of the weakened smoking trees might end his career should it fall, but he had luck on his side.

Health became an issue again and brought on Mr Pitt’s retirement from trucking.

Mr Pitt has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with trucks and moving freight.