Council meeting highlights – October 3 2023

Dates of ordinary meetings in 2024 have been scheduled and approved by Wellington Shire Council.

WELLINGTON Shire Council met on Tuesday night (October 3) for an ordinary meeting, here are the highlights.

Volunteers thanked for emergency assistance

A SPECIAL acknowledgement came from Wellington Shire Council Mayor, Ian Bye, who thanked volunteers who helped their fellow residents during the bushfire events that had occurred in previous days. He also thanked those who helped from across Victoria, including CFA volunteers and thanked the council team who have assisted residents at the relief centre.

“Unfortunately we did lose a house, and our heart goes to that resident who did lose that house,” Cr Bye said, referring to the Saunders family who lost their Briagolong home on Sunday.

“It’s terrible to see any losses during an extreme event, such as an extreme fire event. Our residents are all safe, which is the best thing we can have during a terrible event like this.”

Borrowing for Aqua Energy redevelopment

COUNCIL is paying off its “only active loans”, with less than $500,000 left to be paid. They still need to borrow funds for key infrastructure projects, including Aqua Energy redevelopment.

The Treasury Corporation of Victoria (TCV) as a new source of funding, was approved for Council’s infrastructure borrowing requirements.

Wellington will participate in the Community Sports Infrastructure Loan Scheme and via the TCV facility, borrow $10 million for the approved Aqua Energy redevelopment. An additional $4m of borrowing will assist in funding capital works as part of Council’s longer term financial plan.

Deputy Mayor, John Tatterson, noted that the Aqua Energy indoor pool is 51-years-old and a refurbishment was “long overdue”.

Building permits issued

FOR the period of April 1, 2023 to June 30, 2023 there were 309 permits issued with an estimated value of work at $59,268,419. Coastal Ward Councillor Gayle Maher outlined Esso upgrades in Longford (warehouse, control room and plant foundations) and a Poultry farm in Rosedale, with eight broiler sheds.

In Sale, Council pointed out five warehouses on Wellington Park Way for supermarket extension/upgrade; and two new office buildings on Macarthur Street. Additionally, Council notified that new residential land estate in Sale, Maffra and Stratford are under development.

In the previous quarter of January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023, there were 252 permits issued with an estimated value of work at $41,360,436.

Tenderers announced for roadworks

WELLINGTON Shire Council maintains around 1560km of unsealed roads, and have approved three contracts at the ordinary meeting as part of an annual program of gravel road reconstruction and resheets on selected roads.

The criteria for choosing roads is based on pavement condition, traffic volumes and usage and is intended to maintain the overall condition of the network. Each year, the roads selected are grouped together into separate contracts based on their location. This year, three contracts have been tendered, one for the Eastern Maintenance and Urban Area which is the subject of this report, one for the Western Maintenance Area and one for the Southern Maintenance Area.

It was announced by Cr Bye that Bairnsdale Road Services are the successful tenderer for the Eastern Maintenance and Urban Area contract. These works include Wonnangatta Road, Crooked River; Carrs Creek Rd, Longford; Dargo and Park Streets, Sale; roads in Hollonds Landing and resheeting of a section of the access road in Quarry Reserve, Briagolong.

For the Western Maintenance Area, Whelans Group Investments have been tapped for those works. The works under this contract include McEwans Rd, Cowwarr; Mullocky Rd, Rosedale and Hugs Lane, Winnindoo.

Finally, the Southern Maintenance Area works will also be done by Bairnsdale Rd Services. These roads include Hanrattys Rd, Hunterston; James Street, Yarram; Verlings Lane, Yarram and Lays Road Extension, Gormandale.

Dates for ordinary meetings in 2024 approved

THIS year, Council changed times of ordinary meetings to be consistent: the first and third Tuesday of every month at 5pm, except in January. They’ve approved all dates for 2024, seen in the table above.

Unscheduled meetings may be held from time to time to address an urgent item of business.

Both October meetings will occur during the Election Period, when restrictions apply to council decision making in accordance with the Election Period Policy.

There is a public holiday on the first Tuesday in November 2024, so only one scheduled meeting in November 2024 is on the cards. However, early November 2024 also coincides with the period that the general election results are announced, so an unscheduled meeting will be called, closer to that time so that newly-elected councillors can undertake the oath or affirmation of office and for the election of a Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

Council encourages the public to be aware of these meeting dates so they can watch the livestream or attend the meetings in-person to speak to councillors.

Dates of ordinary meetings in 2024 have been scheduled and approved by Wellington Shire Council.


CR Tatterson attended the Maffra Golf Club last Sunday for the launch of their automated irrigation system. The funding came from various sources, including their own fundraising, a loan from Bendigo Bank and contributions from the Maffra Community Sports Club.

Councillor Carmel Ripper acknowledged the Legacy Centenary Torch Relay, which was covered in the Gippsland Times on Tuesday (03/10/23). She noted the history of Legacy and their 100-year anniversary. Cr Ripper was delighted to have attended the event and thanked all those who attended, including the ladies from CWA Sale who put on the lunch.

There were no online comments to read out and no-one from the public in attendance to ask a question or make a statement to the gallery. The public broadcast of the meeting online was ceased and council went into a closed meeting for one more agenda item.

Closed session to end the meeting

WELLINGTON Shire Chief Executive David Morcom left the chambers at 5.21pm as Item 15.1 Chief Executive Officer’s 2022/23 Performance Criteria Review Outcomes was considered in closed session.

Afterwards, he returned and the meeting was declared closed at 5.24pm.

The next ordinary meeting will be held on Tuesday October 17 at 5pm.