Gippsland Water encourages locals to prepare for bushfire season

WITH a warmer than usual summer predicted, Gippsland Water is encouraging people to prepare for bushfires.

Gippsland Water Managing Director, Sarah Cumming, advised customers to include an alternative water supply in their bushfire plan.

“In the event of a bushfire emergency services may need to access our water supply,” Ms Cumming said.

“While we do have back up water supplies, it is important to plan for a range of different possibilities as emergencies can continue to evolve.

“People who intend to defend their homes from bushfires should follow advice from the CFA and ensure they have at least 10,000 litres from a separate water source and suitable firefighting equipment.

“Alternate water sources could include a water tank specifically for firefighting purposes, a swimming pool or dam, multiple rubbish bins, wheelie bins, bathtubs, laundry troughs or 200 litre drums.

“But remember, a special pump is needed to draw water from an independent supply.

“Leaving early is always the safest option to protect yourself and your family.”

Ms Cumming said residents should also consider storing water in the fridge, or in jugs and bottles, to make sure they have enough drinking water in the event of a nearby fire.

For resources to help prepare for a bushfire, visit and for emergency alerts and warnings, visit

Customers are encouraged to update their phone number with Gippsland Water to receive SMS notifications if their service is affected by an emergency.

In an emergency call 000.