Victorian livestock owners can brush up on their farm biosecurity knowledge using a series of easy-to-follow animations.

Agriculture Victoria has released a series of new animated videos highlighting a range of important biosecurity information in a simple format.

Emergency Animal Disease Industry Engagement Program manager Kellyanne Harris said the animations were produced to help walk through the basics of keeping animals healthy and properties free from disease.

“Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility, so we’re providing as much information in a variety of formats to the community so everyone can learn in a way that suits them,” Ms Harris said.

“Farmers and their visitors play a critical role in preventing the spread of emergency animal diseases.”

Topics covered in the animations include basic farm biosecurity, farm and visitor hygiene, introducing new livestock and important information about prohibited pig feed and ruminant feed bans.

“Steps like having biosecurity signage and quarantining new animals have been explained in a simple way,” Ms Harris said.

“Knowing what you can and can’t feed animals is critical in the prevention of disease, so our new videos on prohibited pig feed and ruminant feed ban will help the community to understand these requirements.

Having good biosecurity practices in place helps protect your livestock, your neighbour’s livestock and the entire agriculture industry from the threats of disease.

“Whether you have 100 head of cattle or two alpacas, it’s important that everyone takes their responsibilities seriously,” Ms Harris said.

The five animations can be viewed on the Agriculture Victoria YouTube channel, the Agriculture Victoria website, social media feeds and online training resources and webinars.