Helping to enhance visitor experience at Balook

Ancient Myrtle Beech tree on Fern Gully Track in Tarra-Bulga National Park.

FRIENDS of Tarra-Bulga National Park are keen to recruit new volunteers to help staff the park visitor centre at Balook.

In recent months, a shortage of volunteers has meant the centre has regularly been unable to open.

Group president David Akers is putting the call out.

“We have some outstanding volunteers on our list, several who have been volunteering for decades and have spent hundreds of days in the centre. In common with many organisations relying on volunteers, recently we have had a few long term volunteers retire and a couple of others have moved away from the area, so it would be great if we can get a few new interested people join up,” he said.

New volunteers do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of the park, and a training day will be arranged for anyone who is interested.

For volunteers, spending a day up at Tarra Bulga can be an enjoyable day out, where you provide a great service to the park visitors. People who are new to the park really appreciate there being someone available to give them basic information. Having someone available to open the centre also means that visitors can view the interpretation displays.

Volunteering at Tarra-Bulga is usually low stress and volunteers often get time to relax and enjoy the surrounds.

In between dealing with visitor enquiries, there is usually time to read a book from the large natural history library or bring your own book or whatever else you like do during quiet times.

The visitor centre aims to open on weekends and school holidays between 11am and 4pm, usually only one volunteer is rostered on at a time, but people are welcome to bring a friend and work as a pair.

To register your interest in volunteering, email or call 0488 035 314.

Tarra-Bulga National Park Visitor’s Centre is hoping to attract more volunteers. Photos: Contributed