The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) reminds homeowners and renters to regularly clear gutters and downpipes of leaves and other debris to avoid water flooding their homes.

VBA State Building Surveyor Andrew Cialini said that non-compliant roof plumbing was the leading cause of plumbing issues.

“Non-compliant box guttering is one area of roof drainage where problems are regularly identified,” Mr Cialini said.

“We have been working with practitioners to help and educate them on the specific design and installation requirements of these types of gutters.

“In addition to maintenance, adequate overflow provisions are critical to mitigating water entry into homes from blocked gutters.”

Mr Cialini said that non-compliant roof plumbing increases the risk of leaves and debris getting stuck in gutters and downpipes, which has the risk of leading to flooding.

“While clearing gutters is not regulated plumbing work, any clearing of blockages that requires the gutter or downpipe to be detached or altered must be carried out by a licensed or registered plumber,” he said.

“Trapped wet leaves that sit in guttering also have the potential to lead to surface damage and corrosion, with leaks making the guttering ineffective.”

Installation and replacement of guttering and most roofing components must be carried out by a suitably registered or licensed plumber.

Where work costs more than $750, a compliance certificate must be issued at the completion of the work.

Owner-builders also need to make sure that all roofing, such as metallic or polycarbonate roofing, including eaves and box gutters, are installed by a registered or licensed plumber who also issues a compliance certificate for the work.

When checking your own gutters with a ladder, you should always follow the ladder safety rules on the WorkSafe website.

Victorians can visit to make sure their builder or plumber is registered or licensed.