Seaspray’s Summer Season in Full Swing

Spending Boxing Day sitting undercover outside watching the test match on a large TV with your friends and family, wearing shirts and thongs as heavy rain falls may sound miserable to some people, but for many staying at the Seaspray Caravan Park it is a paradise; far better than what any exotic tourist destination could offer.

It’s that time of year again for the coastal town; school’s out, the years ticked forward, and families on holiday are coming to their favourite summer destination: Seaspray, which is a sleepy town at every other season.

According to Seaspray Caravan Park employee Jenny Lambert, the caravan park is currently the busiest it could possibly be.

“We have over 230 sites, and even with the storms, we’re still at full capacity with very few cancellations over the New Year period,” she said.

“It’s been really positive. I think everyone’s been waiting a long time for these holidays.”

Ms Lambert estimates there could be up to a thousand people spending their Seaspray Summer in the Seaspray Caravan Park.

But this Seaspray summer is slightly different to the previous years. For one, it’s far colder and wetter than the previous years, with 30°C only being topped twice in December.

Although this stops the traditional fish and chips on the beach, it has yet to stop Seaspray from being a fantastic destination, said ‘Celebrate Seaspray’ Facebook page manager Zoe Curtis.

“Summer is always an exciting time at Seaspray because that’s when the town swells, and it’s been a great vibe,” she said.

“The last couple of days’ weather has put a dampener on things, but it certainly hasn’t stopped visitors from coming here to holiday.”

Ms Curtis added that the town has many positive things going for it; the Surf Club’s Young Nipper program is growing, an episode of Back Roads will be filmed this month, and Jack Ryan’s chefs are still cooking at the surf club.

“People often overlook Seaspray because we have a small population and because it’s a one-road entry and exit town. But Seaspray really punches above its weight, and summertime is when this is noticed because the town grows from a couple of hundred people to thousands of visitors,” she said.

Meanwhile, the other tourist hotspots for ‘Seasprayers’ blossomed: Merriman creek, Seaspray Beach and an astronomy tour in Honeysuckle with Bruce Renowden.

Mr Renowden said that in rain or shine, the astronomy tours have kept busy and helped many new visitors explore their curiosities.

“People like looking at space because it gives context to our world. Humans are preoccupied with the here and now and the impact on themselves, whereas space is such a massive vista and gives you a real worldview,” he said.

Seaspray is certainly continuing its post-pandemic boom from last year, which will continue until school starts again, work comes back or, in essence: until reality is restored. But for now, the region is in its blissful period.