AS surely as rust will take form on steel rods and specific fishing techniques remain a family superstition, the annual Australia Day Long Weekend Golden Beach Fishing Carnival took place with competitors catching everything from loose pebbles to the classic flatheads.

More than 500 competitors joined the carnival, coming from all over the country, competing for the prestigious Golden Beach fishing carnival victory title and winning major prizes, which consisted of:

-For adults, a 6×4 trailer filled with camping gear valued at $5000, and;

-For kids, a PlayStation 5 valued at $800.

Prizes could be won by the raffle draw, catching the heaviest fish, and a secret weight competition where the organisers selected a random weight and whoever caught a fish at that weight won.

All fish had to be caught along the 90-mile beach and back in time for weighing.

Last Saturday, at about 11am however, the weighing station at the Golden Beach General Store was evacuated after a Fusebox exploded, shutting it down for more than four hours while the CFA and electricians checked it.

Saturday also had a ‘Market Day’ at the Veronica Maybury Memorial Reserve, with about 60 market stalls, food vans, and entertainment, which has been an annual staple for those less interested in fishing. The attendees mainly comprised one parent and children – presumably, the other parent was out fishing.

On sale was an extensive range from those just selling their spring-cleaning goods such as rusted nails, chainsaws and measuring tapes, to those selling valuable items like diamond jewellery.

Fisherman competitor Lee Hamilton, who came from Sale with his family, said it had been a fun event.

“I’ve been a bit lucky and caught some stuff, but I’ve had to throw most of it back in because they were not regulation size,” he said.

“But otherwise, it’s been great.”

This stall was selling old tools. Most of them in good condition.

CFA personnel and electricians came to check out the fuse box.

Competitors were fishing all day and night at Golden Beach last Saturday. Photo: Contributed