Ben McArthur

A BOTTOMLESS drink selection of wine, beer and a seemingly endless food platter marked Gippsland’s first showing of the Planet Wind documentary film at the Regent Theatre, Yarram.

About 60 people attended Tuesday nights premiere, mostly Yarram locals to Star of the South representatives, to watch a film about the development and growth of offshore wind around the world featuring wind energy experts from as far away as Denmark.

Less than 1000 people worldwide have seen the film, which will soon be released internationally.

It follows Star of the South co-founder and host Andy Evans, learning about offshore wind in 13 countries, and features more than 20 offshore wind experts.

The film discussed the science behind harnessing wind, its future potential and scale, and argued that wind will do more than supply electricity. It also offers a path to energy independence, revitalises regions struck by industrial decline, and presents a crucial solution to reduce emissions.

The film was directed by Dominic Allen, who has won various film awards and worked on VR projects such as one in the Eureka Skydeck. He calls Planet Wind a “return to the narrative story.”

“It’s not all about saving the planet; there’s much more to it. I wanted to tell the human stories globally as to why offshore winds are one of the most important things in the world,” he said.

“The film started when I was approached by Andy about a year ago … and we had a powerful connection. I was interested in his passion for the subject, and he proposed that we make a film.

“I agreed because I think this country needs more wind energy supply. But I also love to travel, and I was thrilled to uncover the story of offshore wind.”

Planet Wind was produced by Evans, and while Mr Evans isn’t part of Star of the South anymore, it strongly promoted the ideas of their new offshore wind project, which is proposed to be developed along Port Albert, Woodside Beach and McLoughlins Beach.

The company believes, if completed, it will be Australia’s most advanced offshore wind project. It should supply renewable energy to more than 1.2 million homes by the end of the decade, subject to government approval decisions.

Mr Evans said he is proud Star of the South chose Gippsland as the home for an offshore wind location.

“Gippsland is now known globally as the heart of offshore wind not only in Australia but the Southern Hemisphere. Not only is the world aware of the region, but they want to visit and set up shop to be a part of the exciting future that is developing,” he said.

Gippsland local and Star of the South Community Advisory Group member, Tony Wolfe features in the documentary, sharing his story of working in the energy industry in Gippsland.

“It was an honour to share my story. I want Gippslanders to continue the region’s long and proud history of energy generation long into the future, but with clean energy,” he said.

Star of the South representatives Andy Evans, Erin Coldham and Tony Wolfe.

The Gippsland premiere of Planet Wind was held at the Regent Theatre, Yarram on Tuesday.

The Regent Theatre audience heard from Star of the South officials.

The film’s director, Dominic Allen, with Star of the South Chief Developer Officer, Erin Coldham.