Lobbyist Dr Cameron (Jamie) Hogan, known for previously managing the Derek Amos Community Hub, will run as a candidate in this year’s Wellington Shire Council elections to represent the Northern Ward, the Gippsland Times can reveal.

Dr Hogan will announce his run today during the ‘Grand Opening’ of new offices for Jamie Hogan Advocacy and Lobbyist in Sale, with former Deputy Premier of Victoria Robert Fordham AM set to officially launch the new premises.

Dr Cameron Hogan has ambitions to be a councillor to represent Wellington Shire. Photo: Stefan Bradley

Asked what his top priorities are, Dr Hogan told the Gippsland Times he wanted to focus on the housing of community groups and roads in the Northern Ward.

Over the past year, Dr Hogan has butt heads with Wellington Shire Council over the Derek Amos Community Hub on Raymond St. Until January, the building was managed by Dr Hogan, before it was taken over by the state government, with council intending to eventually use it for a different purpose.

Jamie Hogan Advocacy and Lobbyist, Wellington Toy Library, Sale Food Support Network, Bug Blitz, and the University of the Third Age were among the heritage-listed building’s tenants. They have either moved, closed down or are looking for a new home.

“Community groups have nowhere to go when council decides to throw them out on their ear,” Dr Hogan said.

“U3A and the Toy Library still have nowhere to go at this time.”

Dr Hogan also wants to put the focus back on roads, rates and rubbish.

“The roads in the Northern Ward are terrible,” he said.

“There are holes in the roads all around Tinamba … the roads to Heyfield, down at Denison, around Nambrok and out to Dargo is appalling.

“There’s wildlife on the roads that have not been picked up. So fixing the roads and managing those roads are very important.

“How does a harbour development help people in Dargo or out at Paradise Beach?

“If we are going to spend money let us give the money back to the people and locals who pay it to get services, support those who have suffered through the timber industry closure, and let us get more public toilets in the parks in the outer-lying areas of Wellington for families and children and young people to give kids at least some sort of dignity.”

Dr Cameron Jamie Hogan’s new offices will be opened today by former Deputy Premier of Victoria Robert Fordham AM.

Dr Hogan was previously a councillor in Frankston in the 1980s.

Council general elections are held every four years with the next general election scheduled for Saturday, October 26 this year.

The Grand Opening of the Jamie Hogan Advocacy and Lobbyist offices is at 11am today at 110A Foster St, Sale.