The Bard’s Banquet – Enchanted Garden Party this Saturday

Stratford locals - Abby Collins, Dane, Rachael and Mark Nicholls are joined by Steph Stockwell (from Queensland) all dressed up for a night of revelry at the 2021 Bard's Banquet Toga Party. Photo: Lisa Hayman Photography

Saturday, April 20 will see the Stratford Mechanics Hall transform into an enchanting world for the Elements of Shakespeare.

It will feature a grand garden party hosted by the mischievous Puck, the graceful Titania, and the regal Oberon. Amidst the fragrant blooms and twinkling fairy lights, guests will be transported to a realm of magic and merriment inspired by the Bard’s timeless tales. As lovers’ quarrels unfold, jesters will entertain with witty repartee and fairies shall flit about spreading joy and mischief.

An evening of revelry where dreams and reality intertwine in a delightful fusion of Shakespearean elegance and otherworldly charm awaits.

Event organisers are partnering with the team from Avon River Farmhouse for a delicious three-course meal. The Bard’s Bar will be open serving locally crafted beer, cider and wines, with a soundtrack provided by local DJ extraordinaire Cara Schaefer.

Come dressed to impress in your best. Book early for an event that is always a festival highlight at: