Stefan Bradley

THE Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) has confirmed that a push from locals was the reasoning for a new 80km/h speed limit on a section of the Maffra-Sale Road – on the Sale side of Bundalaguah Primary School.

“We introduced a safer speed limit on Sale-Maffra Road in late April in response to feedback from the local community,” a DTP spokesperson said.

“With more cars using this section of road and adjoining side roads, this speed limit will make travelling through the area safer for everyone.”

A reduced speed limit was introduced along this section of Maffra-Sale Rd on April 24 this year.

The safer speed limit was brought in based on feedback from the community, increased traffic volumes and this road’s crash history.

The reduction was reviewed and endorsed by key road safety stakeholders including Victoria Police, the local council and Road Safety Victoria.

Speed limits are set by teams of road safety specialists who review speed limits against the Department of Transport and Planning’s Speed Zoning Policy and Speed Zoning Technical Guidelines.

When assessing speed limit reviews, the department considers the types of road users, the surrounding road environment, crash risk and history, council recommendation, community sentiment, and traffic volume to ensure set speed limits are appropriate.

There has been three crashes resulting in injury recorded along this section of road in the past five years.