Wellington Shire’s original Facebook page returns

AFTER 48 days, Wellington Shire Council’s original Facebook page has been restored, and the backup page taken down.

On March 26, the original Facebook page, which frequently posted relevant updates for Wellington locals, was unexpectedly unpublished by Meta, the parent company of Facebook.

“This action took us by surprise and highlighted that even as a regional local government council, we are still vulnerable to the unpredictable decisions of global social media giants,” Wellington Shire Council wrote in a media release at the time.

“What’s more, we are not alone in facing such challenges, it’s an issue that many other organisations and businesses face online, daily.

Wellington Shire Council often shares updates for locals on their Facebook page, sometimes accompanied by a meme for good measure.
Image: Contributed

On Wednesday, May 15, the original Facebook page made a post announcing its revival, citing the page being caught in a “Meta update” as reason for its disappearance.

In the post, council said they would “begin the process of migrating new followers to this page so all content and updates can be found in one place”.

“We’re back now and looking forward to getting back to normal programming!” council said.

Follow the page for council updates: facebook.com/wellingtonshirecouncil