Funds granted to assist Mirboo North clean-up

Storm Cell volunteers Libby, Dave, Katrina, Tish and Gary continue to help the Mirboo North recovery effort. Photo: Contributed

THANKS to a donation of $30,000 from Esso Australia to the Mirboo North Community Recovery Fund, a grant of almost $20,000 has gone to the Storm Cell Volunteers (auspiced by the Mirboo North Community Shed) to assist in completing the work on the jobs they have logged post the February 2024 storm.

This grant is supplemented by donations from community organisations both inside and outside the community, including the Friends of the Mirboo North Aged Care and Leongatha Secondary College, and will assist property owners who don’t have the physical or financial capacity to manage their clean up.

Since the storm event in February, the Storm Cell Volunteers have assisted more than 300 property owners to clean up their damaged properties, while also providing a listening ear and valuable wellbeing support. It has been a huge effort, with the team being accessible to the community seven days a week since the event, initially at the Mirboo North RSL Hall and then at the community shed.

With Disaster Relief Australia (DRA) bringing volunteers to Mirboo North to carry out clean up work, the Storm Cell Volunteers have made the call to leave any new jobs to the DRA, while they focus on using this grant and other donations to finish off their final jobs.

Esso Australia recognised the challenges facing the community around Mirboo North after the severe storm hit. It was clear that with almost 30 houses uninhabitable and thousands of wind-blown trees, the recovery would not only take significant financial support, but would require long-term effort. Esso Australia reached out to the community and provided a significant donation to support these recovery efforts.

The Mirboo North Community Recovery Fund has received donations from a range of generous donors, from large corporates, community organisations and individuals, from inside and outside the community. These donations have been (and continue to be) valuable in supporting a range of recovery activities on-going across the community, including replanting projects, mental health first aid training and community events to bring people together.

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