Gippsland Jersey pulled from Coles

Gippsland Jersey co-founders Sallie Jones and Steve Ronalds. Photo: Facebook

A social media post went viral, and Gippsland Jersey found themselves in the spotlight after revealing that Coles will remove all their milk from nearly 70 stores, leaving them available in just 16, by the end of this month.

“The brand is being delisted from the majority of Coles stores due to the retailer’s margin requirements and sales expectations.”

“We are bitterly disappointed that Coles supermarket has a system that we believe doesn’t really work for little brands like us.

“We’ve tried hard but we just don’t have the big advertising budgets and profitability to ‘go on sale’ and drop our pants on giving them more margin and we certainly won’t be going broke trying to appease them,” Gippsland Jersey co-founders Sallie Jones and Steve Ronalds said on Facebook.

The company said they’re now on a quest to find new stores and milk lovers who will embrace the treasured Gippsland brand.

Coles told the ABC: “We remain committed to continuing to support independent and local producers, and from July, we will focus on selling Gippsland Jersey in 16 stores in Victoria where we see most demand for this local brand from customers.”