Sale Medical Centre Introduces In-Clinic IUD service

Nurse Practitioner Rachel Hawkes-Bennett. Photo: Contributed

SALE Medical Centre has announced the introduction of in-clinic IUD (Intrauterine Device) insertion services, offering women in our community a low-cost and accessible alternative to the more expensive options available elsewhere.

The medical centre said the initiative underscored its commitment to providing comprehensive and affordable reproductive health care for all women.

“The IUD is a highly effective, long-term contraceptive option that is both safe and convenient,” the centre said in a media release.

“Recognising the need for affordable reproductive health services in our community, Sale Medical Centre has dedicated resources to ensure that our patients have access to expert care without the burden of high costs.”

Nurse Practitioner Rachel Hawkes-Bennett and Dr Aveline Loh are providing the service from June 2024 onwards.

“We understand that the cost of reproductive health services can be a significant barrier for many women,” said Ms Hawkes-Bennett.

“By offering in-clinic IUD insertions, we’re making it easier for women to take control of their reproductive health with a safe and cost-effective solution.”

IUDs are over 99 per cent effective at preventing pregnancy and can last between three to eight years, depending on the type. They require minimal maintenance and are a reversible form of contraception, allowing women to plan their families on their own terms.

“We are excited to offer this service to the women of our community,” added Dr Loh.

“It’s about empowering women with choices that are both affordable and reliable.”

Appointments for IUD insertion are now available. To book an appointment or to learn more visit or call 5144 5766.