Stephen Hall to bring comedy show to Heyfield Hall

Stephen Hall, of Shaun Micallef's Mad As Hell fame, is bringing his one-man show to Heyfield. Image: Contributed

SHAUN Micallef’s Mad As Hell key cast member, Stephen Hall, is bringing a guaranteed night of laughs to Heyfield Hall with his show Letters to My Heroes…if they’d actually bothered to write back.

In this show, Stephen explores pop culture nostalgia, the universal search – and need – for mentorship and idolisation versus real-world role models. There are themes that cross generations.

For years, Stephen Hall has been writing to his heroes – the stars of stage and screen – asking for advice. He reveals how they all might have responded if they’d ever actually bothered to reply, in a brand new one-man show, that critics are calling “a convenient way of stringing together a bunch of celebrity impressions”.

Stephen Hall returns with his hit one-man show… playing 28 characters! Photos: Contributed

“I’ve been doing impressions for ages,” Mr Hall said.

“But I always struggled to incorporate them into stand-up routines in a creative, comedic way. It’s one thing to do a celebrity impression, but what do you do with that impression? With the premise of this show (where I’ve ‘written to’ various celebrities for advice, and I read out their ‘replies’, as them), I think I might be onto something.”

Stephen Hall’s career, in front of and behind the camera, dates back to 1996, when he started writing TV comedy for the popular sketch show Full Frontal.

Since then, he’s written for more than 30 TV shows, and performed in nearly 50. Most notably as a regular cast member of Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell from 2012-2022.

In 2016, John Cleese hand-picked Stephen to play the role of Basil in Mr Cleese’s play Fawlty Towers Live, which toured nationally around Australia for 157 performances.

Letters From My Heroes is Stephen’s second one-man show, (after Raiders of the Temple of Doom’s Last Crusade).

It packs in nearly 30 celebrity impressions and is his most personal and autobiographical show to date.

The show will perform Saturday, July 13 from 7pm at Heyfield Hall (34-38 Macfarlane Street).

Tickets available via: and at Debbie Osbourne’s Power and Outdoor, Temple Street, Heyfield.