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Flood warnings for Avon, Thomson, Mitchell rivers

FLOOD warnings have been issued for the Avon, Thomson and Mitchell rivers.

Minor flood warning for the Mitchell River

A MINOR flood warning is in place for the Mitchell River.

Lucky escape

AN Alberton West woman had a lucky escape on Saturday afternoon, walking away with no injuries after losing control of her vehicle and colliding with an embankment before the vehicle came to rest on its roof.

Healthy doctor intake

THE Sale area has a new crop of budding doctors.

Algae in decline

THE algal bloom which has plagued the Gippsland Lakes this summer appears to be over.

Stratford’s SES shed opened

STRATFORD'S community received a significant boost to community safety with the official opening of its SES unit’s new $280,000 facility.

Dancers looking for the competitive edge

HAVING started their training for Dancing with Our Stars, another two couples are looking forward to the challenge of dancing in front of 1000 people on June 16.

Firearms charges

A YARRAM teenager will be summonsed to appear before Sale Magistrates Court to face more than 20 charges relating to a shooting incident after Yarram police arrested him on Saturday afternoon.

Flood watch remains in place

A FLOOD watch has been issued for the West and South Gippsland weather forecast district, which includes Wellington Shire.

Gippsland on flood watch

GIPPSLAND, including the Latrobe, Thomson, Macalister, Avon and Mitchell river catchments, has been placed on flood watch.

Final flood warning for the Mitchell River

A FINAL flood warning has been issued for the Mitchell River.

Glenmaggie levels rise

RECENT rain has led to storage levels at Lake Glanmaggie jump to 91 per cent.

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