‘Nothing for cows to celebrate’

The dairy industry in Gippsland is being taken over by the Chinese, who want to make our dairy cows produce even more milk for their expanding market in China.

Our cows already produce 10 times more milk than they would to naturally feed their calves.

The Chinese want that volume to be 15 times greater.

I wonder if dairy farmers were discussing the toll on the cows of this initiative at their Dairy Week Displays.

Dairy cows must produce a calf in order to produce milk.

The newborn male calves are taken away and killed, so humans can steal their milk.

The cows suffer stretched ligaments and hip dysplasia because of the weight of their udders.

Mastitis and infections caused by the milking machines constantly causing friction of the udder walls and teats.

Their feet also suffer, because of the weight of the milk, causing painful laminitis.

There is nothing for dairy cows to celebrate during Dairy Week.